January 16, 2024

Holiday Mini Sessions 2023

Come along with me to take Holiday photos in 2023! If you are curious about how mini sessions work and what you receive back from them, this blog post is for you!

When a local photography studio in my area was offering this adorable vintage/retro inspired setup for the holidays, I knew I had to take advantage and offer mini sessions!

Mini sessions are just shortened sessions, anywhere between 15-30 minutes. These are great for a few reasons:

You get to skip the fees that come along with renting out a studio (the fee is divided over the multiple sessions taking place in an hour).

Sometimes, you don't NEED a full hour session. Mini sessions might be ideal if you have kids, pets, or a very camera shy partner (lol).

Mini sessions are more affordable. I only offer mini sessions 1-2 times per year, and they are an opportunity to receive high quality images for a more affordable price.

How do mini sessions work? I announce mini sessions on social media with photos of the setup. You simply pick your time slot and pay online! Being on time is crucial to mini sessions. These sessions were 15 minutes, and since they are back to back with the next group waiting, I advised everyone to show up and wait outside of the studio at least five minutes early.

Each client received around 30-40 images! Since there is just one backdrop, no outfit changes or location changes, mini sessions go by fast and I make sure to snap lots of photos.

Here's one of my holiday mini session client galleries, and below are my favorite shots from the whole day!